News 1 week ago
Rhinos with companions
An exhibition of Seyyed Ali Mirftah's works will be opened on Friday, 27th of Bahman, at Artibishan Gallery. This exhibition, which is called "Rhinoceros sometimes do not travel alone", will be open until Tuesday, March 7.
News 3 weeks ago
In a space "beyond two dimensions"
The group exhibition "Beyond Two Dimensions" with sculpture works by famous artists of this field will be opened on Friday, February 13th at Artibishan Gallery.
News 1 month ago
to watch "spring, summer, autumn, winter... and spring"
The solo exhibition "Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... and Spring" with works by Arman Yaqoubpour, as well as the launch of the book "Simple is beautiful!" Looking at the life of this artist, it will be displayed in the new location of Artibishan Gallery.
News 2 months ago
The poet's look becomes new
The exhibition of Saeed Ahmadzadeh's works with a different look at Forough Farrokhzad, titled "Parts of the Body, Corridors of Meaning" will be opened on Friday, January 1st at the Artibishan Gallery.
News 2 months ago
"Three. One" with three looks in the pool
The "Seh. One" exhibition with works by Ehsan Arjamand, Mehdi Rahmi and Donya Rostami will be displayed in the "Astekher" gallery from Artibition projects.This collection of works was curated by Ghazaleh Naqibi with the aim of reviewing what has happened to contemporary and modern artists in the last few years.1/3 is the first period of the series of exhibitions that are held with t...
News 3 months ago
"Abstract" in a look at the patrons of art
"Chkideh" event will be held on Friday, November 26, at Artibition Gallery with the unveiling of "Posheh" quarterly magazine and the display of prominent works of art belonging to collectors.
News 4 months ago
Holding an exhibition of Alireza Javadi's works
"Dormitory" exhibition with 25 paintings by Alireza Javadi will be displayed at Artibishan Gallery at a new address from October 28.
News 5 months ago
Holding "Modern Collector" at the same time as the opening of Artibition Gallery in a new location
The "Collector / Modern Art" exhibition with works of influential modernist artists will be held on October 7 at the new location of Artibishan Gallery.
News 7 months ago
A demon is a god who has become a demon
"Crazy" group exhibition curated by Sajjad Baghban Maher will be held at Artibishan Gallery.This exhibition with the works of Ehsan Arjamand, Nilufar Kadrinejad, Hossein Mojani, Mehdi Ahmadi, Davar Yousefi, Amin Bineshpajoh, Reza Hedayat, Kiyomarth Harpa, Abbas Shaheswar continues from Friday, July 23 to Sunday, August 1.
News 8 months ago
"Figure" looking at one of the oldest artistic traditions
Twenty-eight figurative works will be presented to the audience in the "Figure" group exhibition on the Artibishan website from July 2nd.