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Web Surfing Shahrzad Royaee | 10 months ago
No one but my brother is the initiator of the Saqaqhana school
Words and letters are like colorful and voluminous forms in the works of Mahmoud Zindaroodi on different substrates turned into calligraphies. Mahmoud Zindaroudi should be recognized by his focus on volume and geometry and variety of work with different materials rather than being attributed to the school of Saqaqhana and calligraphy. Zindarudi entered this profession years after hi...
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"Staying" with uncertainty
The group play "Staying" curated by Alireza Chelipa and attended by 4 artists, Amir Hossein Bayani, Mohammad Masavat, Mehdi Rahemi and Ali Ganjavi, was held at the Artibition Gallery and will continue until June 20.
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Ardeshir Mohasses and New Comics
We read a part of Fatemeh Hippocratic note about Ardeshir Mohasses under the pretext of an exhibition of this artist's works in the Artibition Gallery.