News 1 week ago
"Passing" in front of the audience
Sculpture in the presence of the audience titled "Passing" by Alireza Asanlou will be held at Artibishan Gallery for five days.Alireza Asanlou, who has already recorded seven performances with the audience in his artistic career, is now making a large-scale sculpture in a wider way.
analysis 4 weeks ago
Alien faces
A note on the pretext of Mehdi Rahmi's solo exhibition titled "Banquet in the Abyss" at Artibishan Gallery.
News 1 month ago
Banquet at the bottom of ruin
A solo show of Mehdi Rahmi's works titled "Banquet in the Abyss" will be displayed at Artibishan Gallery."Feast in the Deep" with the new works of this artist will be held in person from May 8 to May 17.
analysis 2 months ago
Arrangement of memories
We are reminded of spring with a work by Mohammad Ali Targhijah.
News 3 months ago
The solidarity of our hands
پرفورمنسی از علیرضا آسانلو با عنوان «دست‌هامان» در گالری آرتیبیشن برگزار می‌شود. این پرفورمنس یا ورکشاپ به عنوان هفتمین اجرای آسانلو با حضور مخاطبان محسوب می‌شود که با نگاه اجتماعی شکل می‌گیرد. «دست‌هامان» با نقاشی بر بوم بزرگ به صورت بداهه با حضور جمعی از حاضران انجام می‌شود. 
Interview Shahrzad Royaee | 3 months ago
We are all living expressionism
In this interview, Asanlu expressed some of his concerns; Concerns that are so many that he prefers to talk about them before painting. However, he does not shy away from talking about the quality and technique of his work as an artist, and he mentions painting and sculpture and talks about art. As a result, despite the fact that this conversation is not very long, it includes vario...
analysis 3 months ago
Weightless lines
An analysis of the design works of Mohammad Ali Targhijah, which will be displayed at Artibishan Gallery until February 20.
analysis 4 months ago
On the other hand, lack
The group exhibition "Destruction" with the works of artists such as Tahir Pourheidari, Alireza Chalipa, Javad Modaresi, Najmeh Kezazi, Hossein Tamjid, Ramtinzad, Pegah Rajamand, Morteza Yazdani and Pune Oshidari will be exhibited at the Artibition Gallery until the 9th of Bahman.
analysis 4 months ago
About Sigmar Polke, a famous German artist
German artist Sigmar Polke, who died of complications from cancer in 2010 at the age of 69, gave pop art a poignant political edge that was often absent from the work of his British and American counterparts. An exile from East Germany who settled in West Germany as a child, he created works that implicitly criticized communism and capitalism.
Interview 4 months ago
I have been absent most of the time
One of the rare people of our time, Gharib is famous for journalism and writing more than anything else for the past four decades. He was born in 1346 and started his professional career from "Surah" magazine. After that, in 1976, he published the weekly newspaper "Mehr", which may be considered Mirftah's most important press work before Rhinoceros. He used to write columns in newsp...