Article 3 days ago
Gun in your face
Protest art from Liechtenstein
Article 3 days ago
"Betty" with a look at the dark past
Protest art by Gerhard Richter
Article 3 days ago
Death awaits
Andy Warhol's protest art
Article 1 week ago
Ai Weiwei and prison experience
Ai Weiwei exhibited the S.A.C.R.E.D installation for the first time at the 2013 Venice Biennale. This exhibition, which consisted of six rooms, described the experience of IVV in 2011. He was detained in a secret prison in Beijing for 81 days.
News 2 months ago
The city as an experience
A group show titled "Urban Experience" and works by contemporary artists focusing on the experiences of urban life will be displayed online at Artibishan Gallery.
News 2 months ago
The twelfth opportunity for collectors with "Contemporary Collector"
The group show "Contemporary Collector" as the twelfth edition of collector's exhibitions with the aim of influencing the culture of collecting and the economy of art will be held on Friday, September 11 at Artibishan Gallery.
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Selection is an important criterion in collecting
The reporter of Sharq newspaper had an interview with Reza Asadi about collecting, and in this interview, Asadi mentioned important details about the collector's path.
News 3 months ago
"silent senses" of contemporary man
A solo show of Hossein Kiani's works with a view to Iranian culture and tradition will be held from August 14 to 23 at Artibishan Gallery.
Article 4 months ago
Blue is a pure and commanding color
Sharq newspaper has published an interview under the pretext of showing the works of Yaqub Mushfaqifar titled "Abi" in Artibishan Gallery.
News 4 months ago
The shining natures of Moshfakifar in the artibition
An exhibition of the latest paintings by Yaqub Mushfifar titled "Blue" will be held online on Friday, July 31, 1401 at Artibishan Gallery website.