News 3 days ago
Holding "Modern Collector" at the same time as the opening of Artibition Gallery in a new location
The "Collector / Modern Art" exhibition with works of influential modernist artists will be held on October 7 at the new location of Artibishan Gallery.
News 1 week ago
"unseen" from the war
The group exhibition "Unseen" with photos from the years of the Iran-Iraq war by renowned artists in the art of photography will be displayed online on Artibishan website from Friday, September 31st.
Article 1 week ago
His mind killed Mansour
Hossein Mansour Hallaj was a famous mystic and Sufi, scientist, poet and a strong and wise fighter in the 3rd and 8th centuries of Hijri. He was born in Bayza Fars. He was hanged for the crime of blasphemy while he denied this claim. On the one hand, the news of resurrecting the dead and reciting the famous sentence "Ana al-Haq" by Hallaj condemned him as an infidel during the time...
analysis 2 weeks ago
love crystal
Where our foundation is located between the past and the future and we find all the beauty of life in the moment, from the eyes of Ali Rastgar, it is like being squeezed between rocks.
Interview Shahrzad Royaee | 3 weeks ago
This fantasy is my reality
We know Ali Rostgar with conceptual and of course surreal works, but what we read from him as meta-reality, he himself considers reality within himself. Rastgar travels to more than 20 cities, looking at the unity of existence, according to himself, he goes through a scientific and mystical way. His travels continue. Ali Rostgar's works managed to hold his first solo exhibition in S...
analysis Shahrzad Royaee | 4 weeks ago
From "Esthetics" to "Gorky"
Marco Grigorian returned to Tehran from Italy in 1333 (1954) and established the Aesthetic Gallery on the southwest side of Ferdowsi Square. The location of the gallery is in a building that is said to have been his place of residence and work. The building of this gallery is still standing today. Although this gallery was closed after 5 years in 1338, it was the beginning of the es...
News 1 month ago
A solo show of Ali Rostgar's works in Artibition online
A solo show of Ali Rostgar's works in Artibition"Bondahesh" journey has begunAli Rastegar's works titled "Bandesh" are displayed online on the Artibition website."Bondahesh" exhibition includes 10 works from two collections of Ali Rostgar, which includes paintings and drawings of this artist. An important part of the works of this exhibition goes back to the second late collection o...
analysis 1 month ago
Water tank with colors
Escaping from the fiery rays of the sun on the colorful waters brings to mind summer. So far, summer has been an excuse to immerse yourself in water, and now summer is also an excuse to review works focusing on swimming and creating art from moments of summer recreation around water.
News 1 month ago
August is two sides of life and death
"Mardad" group exhibition with works of contemporary artists will be displayed in "Pool" of Artibition projects."August" will be held with the works of artists Parinaz Hashemi, Kamal Tabatabai, Pazhman Rahimizadeh, Zahra Perkah, Hossein Saalbi Fard, Mehsa Karimi, Manli Manouchehri and Shima Khezri.This collection of works has been selected by the curatorship of Ghazale Naghibi, look...
analysis 2 months ago
Cubism in tradition
Garnik's collection of still lifes in Hakobyan, on the one hand, are reminiscent of Armenian traditions, and on the other hand, by adapting Cubist teachings, they create a lyrical mood.