News 1 week ago
Light on sensitive paper in "Leak" exhibition
The online photo exhibition titled "Leak" and curated by Babak Haghi and attended by 10 photographers looking at the effect of light on photography will be held from May 13 to June 1 at the "Artibition" Gallery.
Article 2 months ago
I'm more of a designer
Interview with Mehdi Rahemi on the pretext of holding his new exhibition entitled "Swamp" at Art Gallery
Article 2 months ago
sanati,reputation of Kamal-ol-Molk school
Holding an exhibition of Ali Akbar sanati's watercolor works at the Art Gallery became an excuse to talk with Hadi Seif, a researcher in Iranian traditional arts and author of three biographical books by Ali Akbar sanati.
Article 2 months ago
What is not a statue?
In this report, under the pretext of holding the exhibition "Thirty Sculptures, Thirty Sculptors" at the Artibition Gallery, a discussion was held with sculptors such as Mohammad Marousti, Abbas Majidi, Keyvan Pournasrinejad about the importance of this event.
Article 2 months ago
A hero who only buried his back to death
In this report, under the pretext of the recent exhibition of Ardeshir Mohasses's collection of cartoons in the Art Gallery, the impact of this artist and his works from the point of view of the cartoonists present in this field has been examined.
News 3 months ago
Exhibition of small works entitled "Archive 2" in Art Gallery
"Archive 2" is an exhibition of small works of prominent and emerging artists in the field of printing, design and painting, which will be held in the Artibition Gallery from March 27 with the aim of reminding the value of small works of art.
News 3 months ago
Shattered statues in the "swamp"
Artibation Gallery is holding an exhibition of Mehdi Rahemi's paintings entitled "Swamp" for 10 days from Friday, February 13th. This exhibition is formed with figurative works and referring to the bitterness and exhaustion of human life today.
News 3 months ago
Art auctioning Islamic art
The 11th auction of Art Gallery, which is dedicated to the Islamic art of the Qajar period, will be held in this gallery from February 29 to February 7, and the online auction will be held in the Telegram channel from February 6 to February 6. comes.
News 5 months ago
آرتیبیشن میزبان سومین رویداد «سی مجسمه، سی مجسمه‌ساز» می‌شود
«سی مجسمه، سی مجسمه‌ساز» از سوم دی ماه با سی اثر و با هدف مرور آثار سه نسل مختلف از مجسمه‌سازان ایران در گالری آرتیبیشن برگزار می‌شود.
News 5 months ago
آثار آبرنگ علی‌اکبر صنعتی پس از سال‌ها به نمایش گذاشته می‌شود
آبرنگ‌های علی‌اکبر صنعتی پنجم آذر در گالری آرتیبیشن به منظور ارج نهادن به هنر او و حفظ و یادآوری هنرش در حافظه جمعی نسل‌های مختلف دایر می‌شود.