News 1 week ago
"Passing" in front of the audience
Sculpture in the presence of the audience titled "Passing" by Alireza Asanlou will be held at Artibishan Gallery for five days.Alireza Asanlou, who has already recorded seven performances with the audience in his artistic career, is now making a large-scale sculpture in a wider way.
News 1 month ago
Banquet at the bottom of ruin
A solo show of Mehdi Rahmi's works titled "Banquet in the Abyss" will be displayed at Artibishan Gallery."Feast in the Deep" with the new works of this artist will be held in person from May 8 to May 17.
News 3 months ago
The solidarity of our hands
پرفورمنسی از علیرضا آسانلو با عنوان «دست‌هامان» در گالری آرتیبیشن برگزار می‌شود. این پرفورمنس یا ورکشاپ به عنوان هفتمین اجرای آسانلو با حضور مخاطبان محسوب می‌شود که با نگاه اجتماعی شکل می‌گیرد. «دست‌هامان» با نقاشی بر بوم بزرگ به صورت بداهه با حضور جمعی از حاضران انجام می‌شود. 
News 3 months ago
The 13th "collector" with works of modern art
This show is the 13th collector's group show with works by 19 modernist artists, including Garnik Derhakopian, Mohammad Ahassai, Nasrullah Afjaei, Mohammad Ali Targijah, Mohammad Ali Shivai, Naser Owaisi, Manouchehr Niazi, Ahmed Esfandiari, Hossein Mahjoubi, Mehdi Sahabi, Sirak Malkounian, Sadiq Tabrizi, Reza Derakhshani, Parviz Kalantari, Ali Golestane, Arman Yaqoubpour, Masoud Ara...
News 3 months ago
"Masoleh" in invisible horizons
The collection of photos by Sasan Muyidi titled "Masoleh" will be displayed online in Artibishan Gallery in Bahman and Esfand 1401.In this solo show, 24 works from the famous "Masoleh" collection, which were previously shown twice in the 60s and 90s, are presented. This collection was created at the same time as this artist's photography of the war and in a contrasting space with th...
News 8 months ago
The city as an experience
A group show titled "Urban Experience" and works by contemporary artists focusing on the experiences of urban life will be displayed online at Artibishan Gallery.
News 9 months ago
The twelfth opportunity for collectors with "Contemporary Collector"
The group show "Contemporary Collector" as the twelfth edition of collector's exhibitions with the aim of influencing the culture of collecting and the economy of art will be held on Friday, September 11 at Artibishan Gallery.
News 9 months ago
"silent senses" of contemporary man
A solo show of Hossein Kiani's works with a view to Iranian culture and tradition will be held from August 14 to 23 at Artibishan Gallery.
News 10 months ago
The shining natures of Moshfakifar in the artibition
An exhibition of the latest paintings by Yaqub Mushfifar titled "Blue" will be held online on Friday, July 31, 1401 at Artibishan Gallery website.
News 10 months ago
Bahman Borojini's pen strokes in Artibishan Gallery
A solo show of Bahman Borujeni's works will be held from Friday, July 17, with 16 works of this artist at Artibishan Gallery.