Interview 7 months ago
An image of Pajhwok Duran
The group photography exhibition "Pajhwok Duran" curated by Mahbobe Yazdani will be displayed from 14th to 26th of Mehr in "Astekher" of Artibition projects.
Interview Shahrzad Royaee | 8 months ago
This fantasy is my reality
We know Ali Rostgar with conceptual and of course surreal works, but what we read from him as meta-reality, he himself considers reality within himself. Rastgar travels to more than 20 cities, looking at the unity of existence, according to himself, he goes through a scientific and mystical way. His travels continue. Ali Rostgar's works managed to hold his first solo exhibition in S...
Interview Shahrzad Royaee | 1 year ago
We are all living expressionism
In this interview, Asanlu expressed some of his concerns; Concerns that are so many that he prefers to talk about them before painting. However, he does not shy away from talking about the quality and technique of his work as an artist, and he mentions painting and sculpture and talks about art. As a result, despite the fact that this conversation is not very long, it includes vario...
Interview 1 year ago
I have been absent most of the time
One of the rare people of our time, Gharib is famous for journalism and writing more than anything else for the past four decades. He was born in 1346 and started his professional career from "Surah" magazine. After that, in 1976, he published the weekly newspaper "Mehr", which may be considered Mirftah's most important press work before Rhinoceros. He used to write columns in newsp...
Interview 1 year ago
Rhino behavior
Seyyed Ali Mirftah started his path by studying painting and then he stepped on the path of the press and now he has returned to the art of painting. This return, like his other cultural steps, such as designing posters, editing several publications, including "Rhino" magazine, and writing books and screenplays with his unique features, has led to a clear path and acceptance by the...
Interview 1 year ago
Selection is an important criterion in collecting
The reporter of Sharq newspaper had an interview with Reza Asadi about collecting, and in this interview, Asadi mentioned important details about the collector's path.
Interview 1 year ago
Blue is a pure and commanding color
Sharq newspaper has published an interview under the pretext of showing the works of Yaqub Mushfaqifar titled "Abi" in Artibishan Gallery.