I have been absent most of the time

I have been absent most of the time

One of the rare people of our time, Gharib is famous for journalism and writing more than anything else for the past four decades. He was born in 1346 and started his professional career from "Surah" magazine. After that, in 1976, he published the weekly newspaper "Mehr", which may be considered Mirftah's most important press work before Rhinoceros. He used to write columns in newspapers, the most famous of which was the "Kargdannameh" column in Shargh newspaper. His books "Qalandaran in Pajamas", "London Sun", "Smoking Gate", "A Giant, a Genie, a Fairy" and "The Turn of Nathanael" have been published. He also has the editorship of Surah magazine, Roozer newspaper, Negah Panjehan weekly and Etemad newspaper in his career, and now he publishes Kargden weekly newspaper. But Mirfatah, in addition to press work and writing, also had a hand in graphics and painting in Soreh magazine, edited by Seyed Morteza Avini, together with Reza Abedini. In all the years he has been working as a journalist, Mirftah has not been oblivious to our literary thinkers such as Rumi, Saadi and Hafez, he has studied them and thought about his society with them. At the same time, he has always paid attention to different stages of the history of Iran and Islam.

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