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Alien faces
A note on the pretext of Mehdi Rahmi's solo exhibition titled "Banquet in the Abyss" at Artibishan Gallery.
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Banquet at the bottom of ruin
A solo show of Mehdi Rahmi's works titled "Banquet in the Abyss" will be displayed at Artibishan Gallery."Feast in the Deep" with the new works of this artist will be held in person from May 8 to May 17.
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"Staying" with uncertainty
The group play "Staying" curated by Alireza Chelipa and attended by 4 artists, Amir Hossein Bayani, Mohammad Masavat, Mehdi Rahemi and Ali Ganjavi, was held at the Artibition Gallery and will continue until June 20.
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At the root of "staying"
The group exhibition "Staying" with selected works curated by Alireza Chelipa from leading and contemporary artists, Mehdi Rahemi, Mohammad Masavat, Ali Ganjavi, Amir Hossein Bayani will be held on Friday, June 10, at the Art Gallery.
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Shattered statues in the "swamp"
Artibation Gallery is holding an exhibition of Mehdi Rahemi's paintings entitled "Swamp" for 10 days from Friday, February 13th. This exhibition is formed with figurative works and referring to the bitterness and exhaustion of human life today.