Article 2 days ago
The importance of collection on modern art
Publication of a note about collection under the pretext of holding a group show "Modern Collector" in Art Gallery
Article Shahrzad Royaee | 2 days ago
The visual arts market is harmless
In this interview, Gholamreza Nami discusses the importance of collecting and selecting works based on knowledge of art. This article is published under the pretext of holding a "modern collector" in the Art Gallery.
Article 3 weeks ago
Visual, a class between a wounded economy and rebellious sanctions
Why does an art in cultural exchange move away from the body of society and take on the appearance of a luxury item?
Article 1 month ago
Eager to talk about the help of Ardeshir
In this article, Ardeshir Mohasses is described from the perspective of Javad Mojabi, a contemporary writer, and Mohasses's record is examined in this memo
Article 3 months ago
I'm more of a designer
Interview with Mehdi Rahemi on the pretext of holding his new exhibition entitled "Swamp" at Art Gallery
Article 4 months ago
sanati,reputation of Kamal-ol-Molk school
Holding an exhibition of Ali Akbar sanati's watercolor works at the Art Gallery became an excuse to talk with Hadi Seif, a researcher in Iranian traditional arts and author of three biographical books by Ali Akbar sanati.
Article 4 months ago
What is not a statue?
In this report, under the pretext of holding the exhibition "Thirty Sculptures, Thirty Sculptors" at the Artibition Gallery, a discussion was held with sculptors such as Mohammad Marousti, Abbas Majidi, Keyvan Pournasrinejad about the importance of this event.
Article 4 months ago
A hero who only buried his back to death
In this report, under the pretext of the recent exhibition of Ardeshir Mohasses's collection of cartoons in the Art Gallery, the impact of this artist and his works from the point of view of the cartoonists present in this field has been examined.
Article 2 years ago
نگاهی به هنرِ مائوریتزیو کاتلان به بهانه اثر کمدین یا موز رو کی خورد؟!
مائوریتزیو کاتلان- متولد 1960میلادی در پادوا ایتالیا- به­عنوان یک هنرمند پیشرو در روزگارِ حاضر برخی از فراموش نشدنی­ترین صحنه­های هنر معاصر را خلق کرده است.