Article 2 weeks ago
His mind killed Mansour
Hossein Mansour Hallaj was a famous mystic and Sufi, scientist, poet and a strong and wise fighter in the 3rd and 8th centuries of Hijri. He was born in Bayza Fars. He was hanged for the crime of blasphemy while he denied this claim. On the one hand, the news of resurrecting the dead and reciting the famous sentence "Ana al-Haq" by Hallaj condemned him as an infidel during the time...
Article 9 months ago
Traces of the world in art
Regardless of everything, artists seem to record an image of the era for us forever; Sometimes exactly, as expected from a news photographer, and sometimes so allegorically that the image crosses the boundaries of time and includes the interpretation of the world; As much as there is a bra left in the flesh of Shaim Sotin. However, artists with every intention and belief, with every...
Article 9 months ago
A female allegory against violence
Klaas Oldenburg, a Swedish-born American pop artist, created the first lipstick on chain wheels in 1969 for the Yale University campus in Connecticut.Coinciding with the Vietnam anti-violence protests, the tank-like base and its combination with lipstick, which is called a feminine element, was understood as an allegory of anti-war protests.
Article 10 months ago
closure of cultural centers; Passivity or protest?
Usually, works of art created by activists or cultural-social movements are called protest art. Accompanying popular movements and actions by galleries, in addition to the effective results in displaying works, also results in reducing the distance between art and the gallery as a cultural center. The creation of protest events by the galleries, although it may cause difficulties fo...
Article 10 months ago
Gun in your face
Protest art from Liechtenstein
Article 10 months ago
"Betty" with a look at the dark past
A girl has brought herself from darkness to light and looking at the dark past, she is still moving towards the path of light. This darkness is directly related to Richter's black past and German children, and at the same time, watching this work today reminds us of the situation of teenagers born in the 80s in our society, looking at the dark past that was created for them. In many...
Article 10 months ago
Death awaits
Andy Warhol's protest art
Article 10 months ago
Ai Weiwei and prison experience
Ai Weiwei exhibited the S.A.C.R.E.D installation for the first time at the 2013 Venice Biennale. This exhibition, which consisted of six rooms, described the experience of IVV in 2011. He was detained in a secret prison in Beijing for 81 days.
Article 1 year ago
Borujani's paintings are full of light and life
A note by Tuka Maleki was published in Shargh newspaper under the pretext of a solo exhibition of Bahman Borojini's new works at Artibishan Gallery.
Article 1 year ago
The importance of collection on modern art
Publication of a note about collection under the pretext of holding a group show "Modern Collector" in Art Gallery