News 3 weeks ago
to "something better"
"Something Better" exhibition was selected by Mahbobeh Yazdani, an illustrator, with the aim of considering a diverse range of artists. The works have been considered in appropriate sizes and values so that every person has the possibility of owning a work of art in the new year."Something better" with 72 works is displayed in the Ishtaqr gallery from Artibition projects.
News 1 month ago
"Hidden head" in the mirror and light cube
The layout and volume exhibition by Raya Bakhtiari will be opened on Friday 27th of February and will be held until Tuesday 8th March.
News 3 months ago
The remaining holes from the "damages of the norm"
The exhibition and interactive performance "Latmehai Haanjar" with the works of Mehrdad Abutalebi will be displayed in Estakhr Gallery.
News 3 months ago
what "occupies" us
The "Embraced" exhibition with works by Shiva Khoshbakht will start on Friday, January 8 at Astakhr Gallery as one of Artibition's projects. "Engrossed" with the eloquent works of Shiva Khoshpat looking at architecture and historical buildings with acrylic technique goes on the wall of the pool.
News 5 months ago
A solo show of Ali Malek's sculptures in "Swimming Pool"
The solo exhibition "Another Shape" with sculpture works by Ali Malek will be held in the pool of Artibition projects in the Ivan Rabat collection on Friday, November 5. 13 works of Ali Malek's sculptures are displayed in the "Shakli Dizher" collection in the pool of the Ivan Rabat collection. The sculptures of this collection are made of papier mache.
News 8 months ago
August is two sides of life and death
"Mardad" group exhibition with works of contemporary artists will be displayed in "Pool" of Artibition projects."August" will be held with the works of artists Parinaz Hashemi, Kamal Tabatabai, Pazhman Rahimizadeh, Zahra Perkah, Hossein Saalbi Fard, Mehsa Karimi, Manli Manouchehri and Shima Khezri.This collection of works has been selected by the curatorship of Ghazale Naghibi, look...