Article 1 year ago
closure of cultural centers; Passivity or protest?
Usually, works of art created by activists or cultural-social movements are called protest art. Accompanying popular movements and actions by galleries, in addition to the effective results in displaying works, also results in reducing the distance between art and the gallery as a cultural center. The creation of protest events by the galleries, although it may cause difficulties fo...
Article 7 years ago
هنرمینیمالیسم آغازگر پست مدرنیسم (بخش اول)
هنر آ بی سی (ABC)، هنر خشک و سرد، هنر طرد کننده سازه‌های اوليه و هنر اصیل از جمله رایج ترین عناوین به کاررفته برای این هنر بودند که سرانجام به هنر مینیمال بسنده شد.