analysis 6 months ago
Sculpture with three approaches
Sculpture has played an important role in shaping the path of Iranian modernists. The influence of sculpture in Iran's modernism can be seen through the works of Jazeh Tabatbai, who turned waste into lasting art, and the works of Tanavoli, looking at ancient traditions, and the expressionist works of Fasunki.
analysis 6 months ago
Popular layout of modernists
From the approach inspired by Cubism in Kaku's works to the surrealist look of #Abdi_Esbaghi ​​or the minimalist lines of #Manochahar_Ektai, still life is seen in art. Despite the fact that still life does not have a long life in Iranian art, it has always been used as a popular subject in modernism art and has quickly become an attractive subject for painters.
analysis 6 months ago
A place for all artists
12 art students in two faculties of decorative arts and fine arts established Iran Hall from July 1343 to 1357. Ruyin Pakbaz, Mansour Kandriz, Mohammad Reza Jodat, Faramarz Pilaram, Morteza Mamiz, Siros Malik, Masoud Arabshahi, Sadiq Tabrizi, Farshid Mothghali, Qabad Shiva, Hadi Hezavehi and Parviz (Mohammed) Mahalati founded this hall and one year later With the untimely death of M...
analysis 8 months ago
Water tank with colors
Escaping from the fiery rays of the sun on the colorful waters brings to mind summer. So far, summer has been an excuse to immerse yourself in water, and now summer is also an excuse to review works focusing on swimming and creating art from moments of summer recreation around water.
analysis 8 months ago
Rain from the canvas window and lens
An artist like Abbas Kiarostami has preserved images with a very distinctive and distinctive look of rain in front and behind the glass. From Rembrandt, Gustave Caillebotte, John Falter and Wassily Kandinsky to Gerhard Richter, they have all looked at rain through the lens of their own form and style, and among Iranian painters, contemporary names such as Shivash Khoshbakht and Siav...
analysis 8 months ago
Cubism in tradition
Garnik's collection of still lifes in Hakobyan, on the one hand, are reminiscent of Armenian traditions, and on the other hand, by adapting Cubist teachings, they create a lyrical mood.
analysis 8 months ago
A picture of Paradise Garden
Red roofs in a blue space show a combination of two complementary colors together. The thin trunks of the trees in this work by Hossein Mahjoubi are reminiscent of the technique that made the artist famous during his career. Masking with cold colors and blurring the background creates images that can be called ethereal.
analysis 9 months ago
Collecting, a passion that becomes a goal
"As soon as you see the work, the sugar melts in your heart, but you don't bring it to yourself. You don't want the current owner to know how much it means to you. You don't want to raise the price or make something that won't sell at all. So you make a mistake, you put yourself on that path, you go to the next thing or maybe you go out and say you will come back again. You play the...