analysis 1 month ago
Alien faces
A note on the pretext of Mehdi Rahmi's solo exhibition titled "Banquet in the Abyss" at Artibishan Gallery.
analysis 2 months ago
Arrangement of memories
We are reminded of spring with a work by Mohammad Ali Targhijah.
analysis 4 months ago
Weightless lines
An analysis of the design works of Mohammad Ali Targhijah, which will be displayed at Artibishan Gallery until February 20.
analysis 4 months ago
On the other hand, lack
The group exhibition "Destruction" with the works of artists such as Tahir Pourheidari, Alireza Chalipa, Javad Modaresi, Najmeh Kezazi, Hossein Tamjid, Ramtinzad, Pegah Rajamand, Morteza Yazdani and Pune Oshidari will be exhibited at the Artibition Gallery until the 9th of Bahman.
analysis 4 months ago
About Sigmar Polke, a famous German artist
German artist Sigmar Polke, who died of complications from cancer in 2010 at the age of 69, gave pop art a poignant political edge that was often absent from the work of his British and American counterparts. An exile from East Germany who settled in West Germany as a child, he created works that implicitly criticized communism and capitalism.
analysis 4 months ago
The Qajar era was the flourishing era of calligraphy art
The Qajar era is the flourishing era of calligraphy art, especially during the reign of Naser al-Din Shah, when great artists emerged and were trained.  Scribbles and calligraphy in various lines were more popular with calligraphers than calligraphy, and exquisite works were produced in the form of notebooks, chalipah, siyamashq and tefna arts, so that the elders gave each othe...
analysis 5 months ago
Small and big hands in protest
Small and big hands are tied against oppression and racial discrimination, and a person in the meantime calls others to protest and gather with strength and behind the curtain. Now, in this work, unlike other works of Jacob Lawrence, an African American artist and social activist, the colors are not clear and diverse, but the design and composition call the eye to the work. Jacob La...
analysis 5 months ago
A marquee of violence
Nazi Germany is one of the favorite subjects of the Chapman brothers, Jake and Dinos. This artistic couple has gone to this issue many times. For the first time, they brought forward the issue of Nazi Germany with a collection of watercolor paintings by Adolf Hitler, and later, with various arrangements that were influenced by pop culture, punk and similar, they raised the issue of...
analysis 5 months ago
Man and the value of his life
Glob expresses the issues of violence, war and street movements with the help of numerous news images in his works. What we learn from Glob's works is the concern of man and the value of his life.
analysis 5 months ago
born in captivity
Indonesian artist Heri Dono performed the installation of Birth and Freedom in 2004. In this arrangement, which consists of many archaic elements and mythological symbols, an allegory of the relationship between life and death, freedom and captivity, and the relationship between ancient history and traditions and their relationship with today's modern life is included.