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Art outside the gallery walls
The world of art is constantly moving forward, taking new forms and bringing new ways of expression. This concept also applies to the art presentation space. In this regard, many people of visual art also exhibit works in spaces far from the white wall of the gallery and break the norm called the gallery so that art can be expressed in a new framework.
analysis Shahrzad Royaee | 2 months ago
The beginning of Golestan in winter
The walk outside the garage of Golestan's father's house is full of familiar and unfamiliar faces recorded in this picture and is a testimony to the good start of Golestan in the hard winter nights of art.
analysis 2 months ago
The end of white colors
The upcoming work can be considered as a symbol of the entire professional path and works of Mohammad Ali Targhijah, because everything we want from Targhijah's elements, techniques and colors can be seen in this painting. The artist has expressed everything he has learned about art, worldview and culture with the same weightlessness of horses and roosters in the midst of obvious an...
analysis 4 months ago
Hard and easy companionship
Seyyed Ali Mirftah's works in her recent collection titled "Rhinoceros Sometimes Don't Travel Alone" have been placed on the wall in Artibish Gallery, repeating elements from among animals, especially rhinoceros, elephants and birds.(feminine)Seyyed Ali Mirftah's works in his recent collection titled "Rhinoceros Sometimes Don't Travel Alone" have been placed on the wall in Artibish...
analysis 10 months ago
Rain from the canvas window and lens
An artist like Abbas Kiarostami has preserved images with a very distinctive and distinctive look of rain in front and behind the glass. From Rembrandt, Gustave Caillebotte, John Falter and Wassily Kandinsky to Gerhard Richter, they have all looked at rain through the lens of their own form and style, and among Iranian painters, contemporary names such as Shivash Khoshbakht and Siav...
analysis 10 months ago
Cubism in tradition
Garnik's collection of still lifes in Hakobyan, on the one hand, are reminiscent of Armenian traditions, and on the other hand, by adapting Cubist teachings, they create a lyrical mood.
analysis 11 months ago
A reminder of the war in painting
This work is an excellent example of the most famous works of Sadegh Tabrizi. Most of the famous works of this artist's period were performed with two figures. Here, however, Tabrizi has depicted a series of figures in a longitudinal composition.
analysis 11 months ago
Flat and silent hills
The vastness of nature, which does not indicate any specific point in the world, connects us to the characteristics of Shabahangi's works.His works participated in art auctions 13 times, and 11 of them have been sold, and this path shows the positive growth of this artist.
analysis 11 months ago
A unique piece of portrait of Nikzad Nejomi
Arman Khaltabari in the book "Part of a Portrait" from Nazar publications, Nikzad Njoomi connects art with political and social angles.In this book, the astronomical approach by examining political issues in the works of this artist is always in the spotlight, and he has personalized this view in a way through the lens of his art.
analysis 11 months ago
Hands from the sky and tree in the works of Vahid Mirza Mohammadi
About the works of Vahid Mirza Mohammadi and her works that were displayed in the group exhibition "Figure"