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Ardeshir Mohasses and New Comics
We read a part of Fatemeh Hippocratic note about Ardeshir Mohasses under the pretext of an exhibition of this artist's works in the Artibition Gallery.
Article 8 months ago
Eager to talk about the help of Ardeshir
In this article, Ardeshir Mohasses is described from the perspective of Javad Mojabi, a contemporary writer, and Mohasses's record is examined in this memo
News 8 months ago
Colorful grotesque of Ardeshir
An exhibition of Ardeshir Mohasses's works called "Ardeshir Colors" with 15 works by this artist's cartoons will be held online on June 27 at the Artibition Gallery.
Article 11 months ago
A hero who only buried his back to death
In this report, under the pretext of the recent exhibition of Ardeshir Mohasses's collection of cartoons in the Art Gallery, the impact of this artist and his works from the point of view of the cartoonists present in this field has been examined.