Catherine de Zegher in Lashaei Seminar

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Catherine de Zegher in Lashaei Seminar

Catherine de Zegher in Lashaei Seminar

Arthibition reports

Catherine de Zegher, Director of the Museum of the Fine Arts Ghent in Belgium and Venetia Porter, the Assistant Keeper in the Department of the Middle East at the British Museum as well the Iranian art lovers attended the seminar dubbed "In search of The Lost One " held November 22 in respect of the Iranian well-known artist Farideh Lashaei at Tehran Contemporary arts museum.

Catherine de Zegher delivered speech during the seminar, in which he referred to his interest in Iranian art and artists.

He stated that, "One of the major reasons that I decided to study history was Iran. I have always dreamed about traveling to Iran to know its history better."

Catherine referred to his acquaintance with Lashaei and said, "I met Farideh in Sharjah, Dubai in 2011. Her way of representation seemed new for me, so I invited her to present her works at 5th Moscow Biennale and 18th Sydney Biennale."

 De Zegher was the curator of the 5th Moscow Biennale and the artistic co-director of the 18 Biennale of Sydney, Australiain 2012.

He hailed Lashaei works and said she was the one who tried to pave the ground for the creation of artistic works to reflect culture and politics in a different way.

"Through her works, she gives us the hope for a better future with regard to the creation of political and cultural realities and dialogues."

Catherine de Zegher is a well-known curator as well as art historian who has affected the women perspective in this regard. For the time being, she is the director of the museum of Fine Arts in Belgium. She has been the curator of several international museums so far.


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