Istanbul is calling you for a creative retreat

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Istanbul is calling you for a creative retreat

Istanbul is calling you for a creative retreat

We invite you to a secluded yet engaged residency experience.

Description of residency program
halka art prject is a non-profit art initiative directed by artists and art managers focusing in the production, discourse and presentation of contemporary art. halka art/ residency is located in one of the most beautiful, motivated and sophisticated neighbourhood on the Asian Side of Istanbul, Kadiköy-Moda.

It is a hub to both concentrate on work, and yet to engage with Istanbul art scene, artists, art students, and local audience thruogh artist talks, workshops and exhibitions regarding the necessities of your project.

Duration of residency
This a call open for a period of maximum 3 months between October 2015 and February 2017.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Visual artists are welcome to apply to our residency programme for Fall 2016 - Winter 2017. We encourage all visual artists, photographers, dancers, musicians, video and performance artists who have a project idea to pursuit to come join us.

halka art project residency programme offers its artists- in-residence private rooms with working units within, aside from the co-shared studio spaces, a co-shared kitchen, bathrooms, a recreational garden and separate gallery spaces. 

Studio/ workspace
co-shared studio spaces

Fees and support
Weekly residency fees are ranged according to the type of room amd number of guests, depending from 300€ to 550€. For specific please see the application form in the link. halka provides leeters of invitation for selected artists to help as reference in case of application for the funding and grants. We expect to see the end results of the residency period that is why both halka art/ residency and halka art/ gallery are open to the disposal of the resident artists for associated exhibitions, artist talks and workshops. We provide curotorial assistance and exhibition management; give technical resources (beamers, printers, screens etc.); create posters, flyers and use its distribution networks for the promotion. 

Expectations towards the artist
 halka art project chooses projects or project ideas which are open for improvement and presentation at the end of the residency. Having an exhibition option is open for stays longer then 4 weeks. Even so, halka art project holds the right to make the final call after discussing the ongoing work with the artist.

Application information 

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